Online Learning and Courses Offered

For EICS Summer School 2022, we are pleased to offer in-person learning at our ABJ and SAB campuses.  All courses will be in-person, with the exception of a handful of dedicated online courses, listed below

***All courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrolment. 

Please Note: The provincial situation may dictate a shift from in-person Physical Education to online, but we will communicate that to families.

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In-Person at ABJ Campus (Sherwood Park), July 2022

Term One: (July 4- July 12)

Phys Ed 10/20 (60 spots) *Registration limited due to limited physical space. 

CALM 20 (3 Credits) -35 spots

Mythology 15  -35 spots - CANCELLED


Term Two: (July 13- July 21)

Phys Ed 10/20 (30 spots) *Registration limited due to limited physical space.  - CANCELLED

CALM 20 -35 spots - CANCELLED


Both Terms: (July 4- July 21)

Science 10 (5 Credits) -35 spots

Math 10C Repeat (5 Credits, pre-requisite of Math 10 C) -35 spots  - CANCELLED

"Competencies in Math" Math 15 Prep  (5 Credits) -35 spots  - CANCELLED

Social 20-1/20-2 (5 Credits) -35 spots

English 20-1/20-2 (5 Credits) -35 spots


In-Person at SAB Campus (Fort Sask), July 2022

Term One: Phys Ed 10/20 (30 spots) *Registration limited due to limited physical space. 

Term One: CALM 20 (30 spots) -35 spots


Online Courses, July 2022

* Students may take one or two 3-Credit courses, or they may take one 5-Credit Course over the course of summer school.  


Forensics 25 (3 credits) - CANCELLED

Forensics 35 (3 credits) - CANCELLED  

Biology 20 (5 Credits) 

Chemistry 20 (5 Credits)

Physics 20 (5 Credits)  - CANCELLED

General Psych 20 (3 credits)

Abnormal Psych 20 (3 credits) - CANCELLED


Religion at EICS Summer School

Elk Island Catholic Schools has determined, after much consideration, that Summer School Religion classes do not reflect nor aid in our mission as a provider of Catholic Education.  For that reason, EICS Summer School will no longer offer Religious Studies.  We regret if this causes any inconvenience or disappointment, but invite you to consider the breadth of other course offerings which can similarly serve as a means of working toward a well-rounded education. 

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